Esteemed friends,

The response to help the people of Afghanistan during this tragic time has been overwhelming. I am kicking myself for not being able to respond to messages of support and offers to help in a timely manner. I wanted to share a few resources on ways in which…

Bitcoin has endured a barrage of attacks since its inception in 2009. Today, the idea of the digital currency supplanting traditional payment systems doesn’t sound too crazy. Starting from $0, we have witnessed the rise of Bitcoin as a legitimate alternative to the existing monetary system.

With rising income inequality…

Often when I speak with people about Bitcoin, the conversations center on whether it’s a speculative bubble or the currency of the future. It’s a classic first world problem: add Bitcoin to my portfolio or not? …

Junaid Lughmani

GP at NxtBlock Capital | BerkeleyHaas ’23 | Past life: US Army + Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan

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